27 August 2006

Horse Halters

Well Pards it has been a few days and I apologize things been kinda hectic round here with very little water. Anyway ole Range hasn't forgot ya.

Halters: There are Lots of different types of halters out there and each has it's uses. Old leather halters for handling Gentle horses maybe during grooming and such. And fancy leather halters for show. Nylon web halters for most barns I been in do the job ok however they like most leather halters do have a flaw. The metal hardware. This metal will break either with age, misuse, or horses that are just hard on tack.
As a trainer and for workin out here in this heat where the metal also heats up quite a bit during the day I prefer the rope halter and/or the cowboy halter. No metal to break and the smaller diameter and knots in the halter can get a horses attention if need be. Now even here there is some diversity in halters. Size of the rope is usually from 1/8th inch thick to 1/4 inch thick. (Sorry for the guys oversees I am not sure how to convert that. Maybe one of you could help me out?) when it gets doubled as you will see in rope halters it is not aas extreme as you may think. Most are made outa yaht line, or cotton. Cotton gets weaker faster, and the yaht line is great. I simply prefer good ole 550 Parachute cord. It, like yaht line, will not rot or mildew and has a long life. Sometimes parachute cord depending on the manufacturer will get a little harder than yaht line when it gets a lil age too it. That's ok with me as it tends to hold its shape a lil better and if you got a colt that just wont give, switch to an older halter.
Some people like to dress they're halters up and that is great. Rawhide nose bads, Leather nose bands with the horses or ranches name ect. I sit around and make up halters when I can't do much else. Mine may be pricier than some but I stand behind em. You can post a comment with your email on it and I will get you the info. If ya dont want your email on public here just let me know and I will get it off as quickly as possible. Better yet email me ronnie-cook@sbcglobal.net.
Next will be leads. And remember guys and gals Jesus loves you and so do I. Range

23 August 2006


Hello, Range here,
You ever wonder just how a certain piece of equipment is suppose to fit or be adjusted on the ole hoss there. Well in the weeks, months, years , decades, centuries, and at least a couple of millenniums to come, I figure I'll just give you my thoughts and ideas on that.
I also will be giving you my top picks on what to use and where to buy it. Why? Cause I'm a helpful guy. We are gonna cover a lot of tack from a lot of different disciplines although roping is one of my favorites. So much tack for you women to try to get to match. LOL Anyway that is what this is gonna be about. Wanna stay in touch? Suscribe below. Always glad to have someone else to swap stories with. Like horse training. Got a blog for that as well as some cowboy poetry. So until next time. Treat your wife as good as your horse and she'll stay true to you.